Load Bearing Wall Removal in Ann Arbor, MI

If you have wall removal or other structural needs for your home, you've come to the right place. Blake Building & Home Improvement is Michigan's premier contractor for load bearing wall removal in the Ann Arbor area.

Many Michigan residents choose to remove walls in their home because they want to create an open floor concept for their home. This might include removing a wall between the kitchen and dining room, or kitchen and living areas. An open floor concept can increase natural light into spaces and make conversations between home occupants easier, as well as make a space feel bigger.

Whatever the reason for your project, Blake Building is ready to serve your needs. We will take your project from idea to stamped engineering plan through commencement, inspections, and completion with as little disruption to your home as possible along the way. Whether you would like us to just take on the rough portion of your project or all the way through to finished trim and paint, we are here to help!

Cost to Remove Load Bearing Wall

The cost to have a contractor service remove load bearing walls can be less expensive than you might realize. We provide a free, no-pressure consultation and in-home walkthrough as we analyze what the best solution is for your unique situation. You'll receive a quote from us quickly afterwards and take care of all permits and city ordinances on your behalf.

Ready to Knock Down That Wall?

If you're ready to realize your open floor home concept and knock down those load bearing walls, schedule your free consultation today.