"I may have hail, wind, or storm damage to my roof. What do I do now?"

Contact Blake Building today for a free inspection and guidance on how to work with your insurance to get a replacement. We work with all insurance companies throughout SE Michigan and are with you every step of the way to consult throughout the process as needed.

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Step by Step Insurance Claim Process

Step 1. Free Roof & Property Evaluation

If there was a large storm that came through your neighborhood recently, it is likely there is damage to your roof from hail or wind that hit your house. First, give us a call and we will schedule a free inspection to take a look at your roof, gutters, windows, fences, siding, and other exterior finishes to your home. Upon completion of your inspection, we will provide you photos of damage to your roof if any is found or leave you with peace of mind that everything is in good shape and that filing a claim for replacement isn’t needed.

Step 2. File a Claim

Next, if there is damage found during your free initial inspection, you call and file a claim with your insurance company and can provide them with our documentation to help get an inspection scheduled through your carrier where we come back for your inspection to confirm what we found with your insurance adjuster. Once the insurance approves the claim, they send you paperwork showing everything that is covered. The insurance company pays for the replacement to get you back to pre-damage condition, you just cover your deductible.

Step 3. Provide Insurance Work Order

Once your insurance carrier has approved to pay the damages, they will send you a scope of work detailing everything they are paying for minus your deductible. You can then compare this with the total damages we found to make sure everything is being covered by your carrier. Once we have a copy of the insurance scope of work being fully covered, we will then sign a contract with you including the full scope of work, go over materials, and get started on scheduling the roof replacement.

Step 4. Enjoy Your Roof Replacement

Your project is completed and we close out your insurance claim. We handle all of the paperwork with your insurance company once we are finished with the work on your roof and all other repairs. We work to close out the claim and make sure all necessary documentation is completed. And then you get to enjoy your replacement roof.

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